Friday, July 15, 2016


Matching cane and stand desk sets in various hardwoods are available.

See some examples below.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Warrant Officers and SNCO's

"Frontrank" drill canes are made in accordance with Australian Army Standing Orders for Dress (ASOD), and those of New Zealand or Canadian Forces specifications and can be made to measure.  All Drill Canes are made from selected hardwoods tipped with brass, screw on brass or chrome plated 50.Cal and or 20mm inert rounds, which can also be embellished with an Antique button if available, or one of your Corps buttons can be attached.


Gold or chrome plated can be added to all drill canes as an embellishment

Examples of Wood Types

Other hardwoods may be available, subject to availability.

Presentation Plinths

Desk or wall (horizontal or vertical) plinths are also available in a variety of woods. Jarrah, Blackwood, Red Gum or stained to match.

Corps and Regimentle insignia (not supplied) could also be attached.